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A quick note to explain why we had to make a change from GON Marketplace to GON Classifieds.

The software company that developed the platform we used for the Marketplace was no longer supporting the product. Over the last six months the number of user complaints and technical issues were becoming overwhelming. Since we couldn't get technical support from the developer and the reliability was decreasing we decided a change needed to be made. This meant we had to find a new platform. One that was current and would be supported. Hence the change.

There was no way to import the Marketplace usernames, passwords or listings to the new system. That is why we had to ask everyone to create a new account on GON.com if you didn't already have one there.

GON Classifieds, as with the previous site, provides search functions and the newest listings are always on the first page you see. We've also added a couple new "categories" for posts hoping this makes finding certain items quicker. You also have the ability to choose from three "viewing" layouts to choose the best one for you.

We appreciate your feedback and ask that you give this new format some time to soak in a bit. Our goal was to provide a system that had fewer technical issues and more dependability. Hopefully we have achieved this. Time will let us know that answer.

Thank you as always for being part of the GON community. If you run into any troubles with the site please reach out using the Help link found in the top menu bar of GON.com.
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