Exploring Boggs Creek

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Boggs Creek is located off Hwy 129 west of Cleveland, GA in the Chattahoochee National Forest. It is a small watershed that was once a very popular camping area. The USFS closed the area to camping as well as portions of the access roadway after tornadoes reeked havoc several years ago. Today Boggs Creek has mostly recovered and is operated as a day-use area. It is a beautiful place that I recently visited several times to make this video. There are very nice rock formations along the creek and in a couple of thousand years the creek will most likely form a slot canyon.

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Beautiful. The picture in my avatar was taken in early April at the campground on Boggs, about 2 weeks before that tornado. Some of the prettiest shoals in north Georgia.


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Wow! Great footage. What kind of camera was that filmed with?