Fall bull red prediction

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Got to thinking about the upcoming run and decided to post my prediction.
Remember now....it’s 2020....which hasn’t been the best year, so with that in mind.

they start cutting the Golden Ray in a couple week. The cutting is done with a giant chain so imagine the noise that sucker will make as each link drags across the metal hull.

the prediction is.....those sound waves under water will totally screw up the bull red lateral line and they high tail it out of here!!!

will this year ever end.

Juan De

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Might bring in some big sharks, saw where they caught a hammerhead and a tiger off of the pier at st simons. Not to long ago
It reminds me of the St. Johns river in Jacksonville. The river is lined with industrial work and there is constant dredging, huge barges, banging and clanging going on.

And the redfish are thick as fleas in there every year. If that fishery is any indicator of bull red behavior, I don't think they will mind the golden ray.