Fall Garden

B. White

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Coming along....
Looks good. I checked my cauliflower this afternoon when I cut some stuff for the chickens. I may end up cutting some in the am.

Has anyone ever cut it and left enough to have any grow back? Everything I see says it won't, but one woman did have one in a youtube video that had a small one that came back. I may not have ever grown it before this year. If I did, it was in the 80's and my memory ain't that good.


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I’ve been neglecting my fall garden big time. Looks like we may get lucky and avoid some frost long enough to get English peas. Thought I’d share pics of them, our onions, and some new spinach coming up. Everything else looks a little long in the tooth, but will hopefully make some groceries for us


B. White

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We've got plenty coming in. She washed some for me to move to a spare fridge in the barn. She will be happier next week when new countertops get here to replace the 1990s version.

We had some chicken wings and fried some cauliflower and ran it through the same sauce. Pretty good.


breathe in

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my little garden "plot" here at the house I planted in green manure for the winter. different clovers, daikon, cpl different radishes, forage peas, buckwheat, turnips, etc, etc.

I usually throw leaves and let them decompose over the winter. I did planted clover cpl years ago, with no leaves.

job I was on today lawn guy came and bagged up leaves, after he chopped them up with lawnmower. I grabbed them when I left.

question: everything is coming up nicely, can I throw the leaves on everything, will they make their way thru the leaves or will it suffocate it all?

coming along. I dumped one bag, I'll dump the others when I till it in the spring.


B. White

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Strange but true.......I expected it November, but finally had a deer come through fast enough to make me replace one electric fence wire and re-tighten some on both sides. Broke off a couple of insulators that I put back and plugged it in to keep what I have left from getting ate.

The strange part.....I have rubber gate handles in several places to get a tractor in and out easy. He hit it hard enough that a handle on a post over 50 ft away came off the post and flew over 25 yds carrying wire with it and went over an overhead power line over 30 ft up. Too high to really tell how it wrapped. A young EMC guy was good with the long fiberglass pole and hit it just right to knock it loose.

I'm pretty sure it was the same one I shot yesterday morning about 300 yds away, cause he was running all over the place like he was possessed with the hair on his back and neck standing up.