Father & Son Double

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My son made the A honor roll and got the principle's award for excellence so as a reward I kept him out of school and to the deer woods we went. I have taken him deer hunting a couple of times this year and we didn't see a deer, that is until last Friday afternoon. We were in a tower blind and deer started filtering in at 4:00pm. It wasn't until 5:05 that the big doe we wanted cleared the brush. The field has markers every 50 yards and she was at the 150 marker. I asked if he thought he could make the shot and he replied yes. I told him to shoot when he was ready. He took a deep breather and let half out and I saw his finger get on the trigger! The doe fell in her tracks and it happened to fast the other deer in the field didn't realize what had happened. I handed me the rifle and said its your turn dad. I then picked another doe near where his doe was laying. I killed her and then we both went crazy with excitement. The range finder said his deer was at 141 yards and mine was at 138 yards. I have never felt anything like the joy we both shared in that blind. The next day we again saw many female deer and he passed on all of them, waiting for a buck he says. Please share hunting with your child, if not find someone your nephew, cousin, someone to share hunting with.. The future of our hunting is in the hands of our children.
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What a great story! you are sure enough a good Dad!

My youngest son killed his first a couple weeks ago and my daughter is going with me this weekend. I hope she gets to kill her first one. My oldest(he's 20) and i just spent 9 days at my lease and really had a great time. The hunting wasn't as good as we wanted but we had fun and quality time together.
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