Favorite bear cooking recipes?

Usually I smoke ‘em over hickory for dinners at work. I’d probably like it more if I didn’t skin them myself. They stink. I just can’t make myself like them. I told the Killer Kyle if I get lucky this year he can have mine. Hogs stink too, but I can eat them? Go figure.
Did you freeze the meat with fat attached?
Like I always say, if we could raise bears like we do cows, no one would ever eat cow again.
I'd love to see someone try to rope and brand a bear.
Nobody eats yotes but from a wildlife management standpoint, we all kill them. If you shoot a yote this season, we'd best see pics of your pulled coyote BBQ. Just sayin'!!!
Coyotes aren't game animals
Bears are delicious so anybody killing one just for the hide is in need of some serious education. Nobody is going to get a good hide off one this year anyway so best be happy with the meat. Otherwise, don't go chasing them.
From the pics I saw in another thread of some bears spotted while out on a hike a couple weeks ago the hides look nice on a couple and not so good on the others I don't think a nice hide is out of the question but you should have eating your kill on your mind first anyway, although no one can say they wouldn't be super pumped about having a big ol fat head on the wall.
Guess I shoulda used raccoons as an example instead!
I like coons too! I have to agree with Christian hughey here though, I find it distasteful to hunt something you don't plan to eat with the exception of control of invasive exotics.