Favorite Drank Concoctions


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They're good when it's hot weather in the summer. That's what ol' Hemingway used to slurp on while he was over in Africa pewing elephants and lions and things of that nature.
The tonic prevented or something about malaria,,,,


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Knob Creek on the rocks for sippin.
Yuengling if I'm drinking beer.
Also enjoy a good Margarita in the summer or shots of good Tequila anytime.

Jim Beam (Black) and Coke if I'm fishing and/or lieing.


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I an not anti alcohol and I’m not a recovering alcoholic. I just don’t like to drink anymore. When I was in the army I would drink 6-12 a night and get up and run 5miles. Now I have 1 beer I get tired or a headache.

sea trout

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Moonshine mixed with v8 energy blueberry/pomagranit flavor.
Mix that in a big canteen....last for hours!