Favorite Drank Concoctions


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Almost religiously. As many know, I grew up in Wisconsin where many consider the Old Fashioned the state drink. The exception is: in WI, old fashioneds are made with brandy instead of bourbon. Try it some time.
JD Old Fashioned,,,,or Manhattan,,,,


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When I was a kid after school I'd go over to my Grandparents, When my Grandfather got home from work my Grandmother would make him a "Tall" Manhattan " and some cheese and crackers, she would make me a small one and I would sit and listen to the stories of his past . Manhattan's hold a special place in my life, They transport me back to those days with my Grandfather.
If that were today my Grandparents would be jailed today
Back in the early 80's grenn gatoraid in a glass jar, take about 4 inches out of the jar and replace with 100 prof vodka. Had a serious 16 year drinking career and the keys to a liquor store. and nothing ever came close to it in the performance department


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Anybody in to "Old Fashion's" ?
I will make an old fashion a couple times a week. Even Williams, dash of bitters, a splash of sweet vermouth and an orange slice. Hard to beat. I cheat and instead of sugar, I add a tad of orange juice.


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Ran across what is becoming a new favorite. Was in Jamaica for a long weekend with the wife a couple weeks ago, and unknowingly grabbed a bottle of local overproof rum, thinking it was regular rum. It's 67% alcohol. I poured a couple of rum & cokes, and you can really taste the cane molasses in the rum. Really a nice burnt/sweet taste and smell. Found some when I got back and have had a rum & coke every night since.
mixed, good top shelf Texas margarita
usual Johnny Walker, prefer black but don't get it enough so mostly red
the old standby to warm the soul Wild Turkey 101 neat
had some muscadine brandy few months back was BEAUTIFULLY SMOOTH but it was 150 a gallon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
can't afford to "likker" up on that regularly o_O:cry:
I can't remember if I replied to this already or not. After doing a little thinking I've come up with this:

Summer time if I'm working in the yard or just messing around the house my cooler always has ice and natural light in it. That cooler stays in my truck about all year round.

Winter time I drink more likker. Whether it be Captain Morgan Rum, Captain Morgans Private stock, crown, 4 roses or Wild Turkey. I have a few pints of shine from different people in the deep freezer in the garage.

There are 5 or 6 natural lights floating around in the cooler right now as a matter of fact.