Favorite firearm to deer hunt with dogs?

Back when it was legal to Run Dogs in Randolph County Alabama we hunted in a lease that was a big mix of thick woods, hardwoods, power lines and cutover. My dad always used a Browning BAR .243 with a scope, didn’t matter the terrain. I hunted with a Remington 11-87 12ga with 00 buck in the woods and my BAR .270 on Power line and in Cutover. Man I miss it and would love to do it again!
Ive been on two dog hunts years ago in the SC low country. Seeing some of those people handle shotguns, I wouldn’t step in the woods with anyone carrying a rifle, of any caliber, on a dog hunt.
What is your favorite firearm to use to deer hunt with dogs? Is it a shotgun, a rifle, do you use an optic, or iron sights?

I hunt a mix of woods, along with some pipelines, where shots can be at a distance. That said, I find the best all around for me, is to use a rifle, with a variable scope. I use a Browning Bar 30-06, with a 4-12x50 riflescope. It works well for an all-around firearm. If I strictly hunted the woods, with some open and heavy cover, I'd probably opt for a Marlin 30-30, with a 1-4x or a 1-6x riflescope.

Many folks may prefer shotguns, I'm just curious to see what others do, thx!
I live in South Georgia. If you are invited to a dog drive in Georgia you better be carrying a shotgun. I grew up in Mississippi where dog hunting with a rifle was a norm . 3006 semi automatic rifles were used in Mississippi. Buckshot and a 12 gauge for dog drives in Georgia.


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Belgium a-5, 12g, modified 2 3/4inch, 0 and 1 buck in the woods.....belgium '06 open sites in fields/open areas....
I mainly carry a 12 gauge that's been patterned to what it likes. Remington 1100 with #1 or Stoeger 3500 with 00. But I've been trying to get on one with my Marlin 336 lever 30-30 open sites, haven't had the chance yet. What are some of the better low power scopes you guys like?
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What are some of the better low power scopes you guys like?
There are several great options for low power scopes. Back in my early hunting years, many folks used 2-7X, 2.5-8x, or something similar to that. Now-a-days, the 1-4x, and the 1-6x scopes, have become really popular options, with the AR-15 crowd.

Basically any quality brand scope in a lower power, would be fine.