Favorite knife handle material

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Looking for new handle materials to work with. Whats your favorite?

Secondly.... Perhaps make a recommended colorful type material that buffs up fairly easily.....something that just really catches the eyes. Thanks.


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Antler-stag and desert ironwood. I love fossil mammoth ivory but it`s awful expensive.
Yep - desert ironwood is tops! I like mammoth ivory too, but they aren't making it anymore. Camel bone takes colors well - especially like it when the color is applied and then wiped off just leaving color in the grain.
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Thanks for all the suggestions. I have made knives on and off for 20 plus years.....seems I always run into the same old issues with it. Handle material cost seems to be the number one that comes up. I like the "good stuff" but it sure ain't cheap through normal sources.

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I like them all, but prefer not to use synthetic and very little stabilized. Just doesn't go with most of the knives I make these days. My favorite "local" readily accessible woods are osage, black locust, hickory, and black walnut. I have also used a good bit of bradford pear and redbud when the cuts are right and the grain is tight.

Bone and antler are my other favorites in the right applications.