Favorite or Best Hunting "1-Liners" or Quotes? ...Let's Start with Michael Waddell's

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Favorite or Best Hunting "1-Liners" or Quotes? ...Let's Start with Michael Waddell's

What's some of your favorite or better hunting "1-liners" or quotes you've come across?


Let's get Michael Waddell to start us off at from his "Jokes & Quotes":


“I just got a new rifle for my wife. It was the best trade I ever made.”

“What is the definition of a non-typical whitetail?” “One that stays off the highway!”

“What is the definition of a workaholic?” “A person who doesn’t hunt.”

“I just love animals.” “They taste GREAT!”

“What does PETA stand for?” “People Eating Tasty Animals”

Vegetarian — Ancient Indian word for inept, clumsy hunter.

Protect your hunting rights, “Spay, or neuter a liberal.”

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I'll start with one adapted or modified from one from O'Neill Williams's sayings on Radio & TV:

"If you are too busy to go hunting, then you're just too busy!"

I coined a phrase about 10 years ago for my dad. He used to shoot the first legal buck he saw, even if it was only a 2" spike the first few minutes of daylight on opening morning.

"If you see bone, lay it prone."
"vegetarian": old indian word for poor marksman.
1: "If it's brown its down"
2: "If it flies it dies"
3: "Enjoy all of god's creatures....right next to the taters and gravy"
1)Wrap it up with bacon and chunk it on the grill.
2) If its still runnin you aint stuck.
3)" I'll quit yellin if you'll drive with the lights on"(Me on my last huntin trip with my brother on a moonless early morning in Greene county Alabama, Man it gets dark there)
4) You cleaned it skinned it and cooked it with one shot.(deer hit with a .300rum at 60 yds)
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take a child hunting so they to can enjoy the outdoors
i beleive the good a man does lives on long after hes gone
and most important ( cherish your mom & dad)
Happiness is a warm gut pile.