FCA Bass fishing tournament

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How did the tournament turn out.
We didn't win. It was our first and only "virtual" tournament, so we really didn't know what to expect. They had a phone app where one could enter one's catches and check the standings in each division. It seemed well managed and nothing raised red flags about cheating. It was a very supportive and encouraging atmosphere for younger anglers.

I kinda missed the camaraderie one sometimes gets with in-person fishing tournaments, especially those that have a meal and/or prize drawings. But I have no idea how a virtual tournament might generate that. Maybe having some way to swap fishing stories or allow competitors to share fishing videos from the tourney.

Overall, a good time and great value for the $15 entry fee. I'd definitely want to participate again.


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A virtual tournament is different for sure. I always have enjoyed swapping stories and hearing about the 5 Lbs that always gets away from one guy. Lol. But glad y’all had a good time fishing and hopefully before long everyone can go back to fishing regular tournaments again