Fellow hunter needs prayer tonight.

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An older gentleman of about 72 years who lives 2 houses from my in-laws house here in Corbin went squirrel hunting Wednesday, and he's not returned yet. I spent all day today guiding search and rescue teams in the area where they found the man's Bronco, but we've had no luck. I left the house this morning headed deer hunting, but it started pouring the rain at about 6:30 and didn't let up till after 9. Since it was raining so hard, I decided to drive around some and look at some land around the lake when I ran upon our DES guys. Steve asked if I cared to help guide one of the dog handlers, so hunting had to wait till another weekend.

He is in some big tough country we think. There are about 10 dog teams working shifts and all of them seem to agree that he's in a paticular area. I've personally stomped over a good chunk of it with no luck. There are about 60 people working to find him from rescue units from 6 or 7 counties around this area of the state. Most of the guys and gals are plumb beat. It's very rugged terrain and thick with overgrowth, and dangerous with dead pine trees. One volunteer was injured last evening during the search.

At this point, the leaders of the groups working to find him know that the result isn't likely going to be good. We have tried to be up beat though because his family has hung right with us all day. With the rain today, he is no doubt wet, and the forecast is for temps to drop into the low 40's to high 30's tonight. He is in an area below Laurel Dam, and it will likely be on the cold side due to the discharge from the lake's power plant. He's going to need all the help the lord can give.


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will do

praying for his safe return to his family, and to provide him with some comfort til help arrives. ::;


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I hope and pray that he will be safe.


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Prayers added to the others.May he be found safe and well.


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Prayers being said, Skipper. Hope all goes well. Let us know, hopefully, the good news that's he's been found in good health.

Eddy M.

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hope he is found ok if I was closer I would try to help but way to far to be able to assist eddy