fiddlers in Brunswick Area

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i know this has been beat around every year about now. . the only place to dig i know about everyone within 100 miles knows. i went there and i guess the guy that's saleing them had been there oh my what energy he has.
does anyone know where one can buy some around brunswick. maybe PM me about a location to dig. the guy must have had a mini excuvader or group of prisoners


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I usually get mine on warmish evenings, with little to no wind, just before dusk along Jekyll Causeway. They can be found in the short grass near the sandy areas. At times right around dusk you can pick them up by the hand fulls off the sandy areas. I have gotten about 300-400 in 30-45 minutes on a good day, as long as your not too picky about the size.
Haven't been out looking for them yet this year, so that might have changed. The best way to get them is with a 1 gallon bucket buried in the sand and a couple of PVC pipes to herd them into it. You just have to hope no one finds your bucket, if you leave it for a day or so.


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I have good luck on the Jekyll causeway too. This week with the warm weather they'll be thick. I've gone out with a flat blade shovel and just scoop them up.
Another option I have been considering is ordering them online. I think they are $3.50 a dozen or so. If you have enough notice that might be an option. I get my fiddlers between St. Simon and Sea Island, but when I fish around Harris Neck or go to KTK reef I don't have a spot to get them. That's why i've been thinking of ordering them online.