Fin Nor Lethal ltc20 Star Drag

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Just got this new reel and I figured I would review it for some people who are interested in those kinda things.

Fin nor lethal ltc20 is in the middle size- wise of the star drag line up. I was trying to decide between the penn squall 20 or the fin nor. The fin nor holds much more line for similar size. It has 25 lbs of drag which is good for a star drag reel. The gear ratio is 6.2:1 and picks up 48 inches of line per crank of the handle. Awesome high speed reel for when its needed.

The thing i love the most about this reel is the casting ability. My only conventional reels before this was penn jigmasters and senators. My penn jigmasters i can cast quite a ways due to consistent practice. This reel is night and day to the jigmaster in casting . i dont have to thumb the spool at all during the cast unlike the jigmaster. No overuns during the cast. Just stop the spool as soon as the lure/weight hits water. It will send a 4 oz lead way out there.
This reel is silky smooth too.

For the price of this reel i beileve its a 5 star purchase if looking to stay around the 120$ range. I will be testing this reel on assortment of rods. But i believe its gonna be a great multi purpose reel.