Finally able to post this summer's bear inventory trail pics - Part 1

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I've been wanting to post these trail camera pics since I pulled my cameras on Labor Day. My tablet had crashed but I finally got the right software on my new laptop to condense the file size of the photos. Some of you have seen some of the photos through texting already.

The one thing I note every bow season while out in the woods are the posting trees that show strong use. Come May, I place my trail cameras over these trees and will not pull them until mid-August. This year, due to work and family reunions, I didn't get them pulled until Labor day. This year was one of the best I've had over these posting trees.

As with the last 9 years of doing this, I usually place the cameras out during the 2nd or 3rd week of May. However, bear activity, coinciding with the bear mating season, I usually don't get the first photos until around June 3rd. The activity usually goes through July 25th; however, this year I didn't get a mature bear at a posting tree after July 18th.

The one thing I haven't seen until this year was the wild hogs utilizing the same trees to mark as the bears. I've had prior years of them near the trees, but this year I had multiple photos, of multiple hogs, actually marking the tree. I'll include photos of the hogs, as well as some black coyote pups and a very nice mountain 6 pointer in a second post, as it is saying I can only attach 10 photos.


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Not counting the cubs & a smaller sow, I had 10 different boars & one mature sow visit the posting pine the Bushnell camera was over.
I had 3 boars & 2 sows over the one my other camera was over.

This year the activity was June 5th through July 18th, with a couple of 2 year olds visiting after until August 28th.