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I might have to see about getting one of them. My hand primer works good but it sure hurts my arthritic hands.
I have the older round one and the newer square one. My thumb is numb after 100. I thought this just might be easier and still uses the same shell holder...only about $40

RCBS 9460 hard to beat. Last FORE:ER.
pickin primers for my Dillon is more than I want to first hand knowledge with that. This you empty the box of primers shake them turned fold it over and insert it...done $40 compared to $120


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I've never used one, Jester.

I'm guessing there is probably more feedback & feel than there is when seating them via stroking heavier press handle ?

I can see what you mean about saving time not having to pick up each primer loading the tubes. (y)
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I don't like to prime on the press with the exception of the Dillon. If I could get by without doing it then I will. When there are 3-4 people sitting in a shop priming brass each one does a hunerd and passes it to the next on to give the thumb a break.

it will be a welcome add if I can get that Lee cutter with the big ball on the end I would be a happy camper