Finally slimed my yak

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Got a Ocean kayak Trident11 end of January. After going 0 for 2 at Tribble Mill I set out for the 'hooch last Friday. Put in at Abotts Bridge and paddled upstream for a ways. Most of the river was wide and straight with mostly constant current. Found a couple of spots and caught 4 beautiful browns (all on CD5 Brown Trout Rapala). Anybody know of a better put in point? Or should I have headed downstream towards Pleasant Hill. Looking for some sandbars, shoals, pools, etc. Would be by myself so put in and take out would be at the same spot. Don't want to have to kill myself paddling long distances upstream if there is an easier way.
i dont kayak but you could put in at jones bridge and go up or down stream. plenty of nice pools up by the broken bridge or down past the island.