Finally Some Cooler Days

yeah it didn't start getting hot until a little later than it has been - very pleasant!
Tomorrow looks cooler too, and the rain hopefully makes it a little easier to walk quietly.


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I walked into a new spot to scout yesterday afternoon right after the rain quit. I stalked within bow range of a doe. Never had a shot. I did however find a fine looking scrape line and some rubs. Looking forward to Thursday afternoon, my next chance to get out.
It was too hot for me to hunt Thursday & Friday, but I snuck in a quick scouting Friday. This morning I had a deer (too far away to tell if it was a buck or doe since I don't wear my glasses when I hunt. I can see just fine out to 15 yards so no big deal) come through so if anything it confirmed that the spot is still hot from last weekend when I got busted by a small doe in a nearby spot. But it started heating up fast this morning and was 75 or so when my free time was up and I had to get home. Sunday afternoon after the rain it's going to be hot & humid too. :cautious: But hey, when a spot is getting action I'll hunt it! I can approach from different directions so I'll listen to what the deer are telling me and do my part at least.