Finding my way back to the beautiful Southern Appalachian chain.


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Hi all,
Glad to have found this forum which looks like a great community and wealth of information for Georgia hunting and fishing.
Lifelong hunter (and fisherman) since young, with a few breaks off and on from hunting over the years for career, kids, living in Florida, etc. Thankfully some family hunting land in Louisiana keeps me in that game.
Now retired a year and finding time to do the things I want. Early this year backpacked the Pinhoti Trail out and back from Flagg Mt, AL to Northern Terminus and back, 700ish miles. Renewed my love for that area in North Georgia.
I'm from Louisiana with some years in North Alabama and Florida which is where we are now, but within the year hope to sell our place here and get back up to the southern Appalachian mountain area that we love so much. (Married in Sevierville, TN, many nights camping and exploring in that whole North AL, GA, TN, NC region.)
Looking forward to getting into the Georgia hunting community.
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Welcome aboard, from the Smokies of western NC.


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Welcome-From the southern foothills of NEGA . FL native here that fell in love with this region too!
You found a great spot to hang out at, for sure.


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Welcome to THE Campfire!


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Welcome aboard!


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Welcome! Glad to have you with us.

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Welcome to the campfire

John Cooper

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Welcome from far NE Bama. On the mountain!!!

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Good to have you with us. Great bunch of folks here.


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Welcome back.

Life is good.....just don't go 'round without a way to preserve it......even here in the gloriously laid back South....things get sideways sometimes.



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Welcome aboard. This is undoubtedly the nicest outdoor forum around, and I have to add: the best moderated imho.