First antlered buck in 20+ years

mizzippi jb

Welcome back.
My thoughts exactly... congratulations!
Reminds me of am Ed McMahon line on the Johnny Carson show. Just shouts "meat" on que then that little drum roll and recorded laughter


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I’ve got to add this
I was so pumped up with adrenaline I literally laid awake in bed last night until 4:30-5:00 AM. ?
I told my wife if I even kill a real big one they’re gonna have to life flight me out of here ???

Sounds like you found that young man you were looking for. I enjoyed the read. Really like that split brow tine. Congratulations.


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Fine buck & awesome story!
T you got it made -
* Freshly retired
* Can kill big old bucks right behind your house
* And it snowed!

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Heck yeah T!! Been on the road this week and just got home. Glad I saw this thread, Great story man! Congrats bro!!!


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Well done Brent. I was right there with you the whole story and I can totally relate. He's a fine buck and he'll eat good. I'm especially glad you got that fire in your belly rekindled.


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Great buck! You are an excellent fisherman with your posts, hooking all of us.
At 68 I can relate to the drag part. I try to stay on the pine needles and use my safety belt as a drag. 20 feet at at time. Use 4 wheeler ramps to get them in the truck


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Seen your entry in the truck buck , congrats again ! You look a lot different than I remember when we met 18 years ago ?