First catch


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You did good! That’s a pile of Hogs that The deer and turkey don’t have to compete with anymore, and the landowner doesn’t have to worry about them tearing up roads and fields!
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Thanks guys, we are glad to have them gone. From trail cam pics I think we got a big portion of this group. They just come and go sporadically, we live on the property and prefer them not to! Tickled the trap worked so good.. Especially since we just opened up a lot of new ground for food plots that we will be putting more money into this fall..!
Keep after them....we quit trapping during turkey season and it bit us in the rear population exploded in those 3 months. great Catch!
17 total! Trapping works well!
What are you using for bait are you using straight corn? I have a trap set up on our property now but with all the feeders going the hogs are coming to the trap just not going in, I may have to try a different baiting method...your thoughts?
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I’m no expert, I truly got lucky. But I used sour corn and a little “hog bait”. It took them a while to get comfortable to go in it. And I’m sure if they have other easy, safer options, they may not have at all.