First Hogs!!!

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Haven’t posted here in awhile. I posted these on another forum the “ODT” , but wanted to share with GON! Needless to say I have a new favorite type of hunting! Spot and stalk HOG! This year I finally committed to get my first hog and go outside my comfort zone(Northwest Ga). Went down to Tuckahoe WMA twice and got my first and second hog. I’ve been down there a couple more times and have hit a couple hogs but couldn’t find them. Let’s just say i am hooked on HOG!!! Any other WMA or public land that has good hog population? I hear Altamaha and beaverdam are pretty good. Trying to put my nephews on there first hogs! If anything I’ll keep going to Tuckahoe.

Here are a couple pics of me, my buddy and nephews. Both hogs were sows and went down from a .17hmr.

C4C9B746-209F-4E00-994E-9945D188002C.jpeg 9AAA657D-067A-4DBA-BA31-CA2CBD4E8935.jpeg 2AA31B71-B00F-44E1-9899-6B852CE2651B.jpeg FE81D374-DB57-488F-87B0-05A7E28E970E.jpeg 3405A33B-7EFC-4659-83F3-6F4863000F71.jpeg
Nice Job 👍🏽


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Good eating there! I used to hunt private property that joins Beaverdam, I only saw a couple of hogs, but there is plenty of sign, tore up trees, and you could see where they rooted around.
I need to start hunting in GA.