First kayak

I got the Ride 135 and love it.
Also have a tarpon 120 but probably not for you
Had my eye on the oldtown predator.
Now im looking at a vibe


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Rule of thumb is take your weight X2 and get a capacity as close as possible to that. The yak I use hauls about 550 lbs and is 12.5 ft long.

If you are too close to the capacity limit the boat will ride low in the water and not drain properly.
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probably going to be March before I get it. Ive been doing a lot of research. I have been thinking about the weight issue as well I am 245 so I gotta think about that plus gear. Thanks for all the input
River, lake or saltwater? I don't care for short boats except in the river. My advice is go for the longest you can carry. Look for a little rocker (curve) in the hull if you'll be in the waves.
I fish rivers, ponds and lakes only in moderate weather. I bought an Ascend 12 sit on top. I'm 6'1" but top out at 225, so weight is an issue. The Ascend 12 has a max weight limit of only 350, so I will be gear limited, but the price point was a deciding factor.

Most sit on top fishing kayaks with a weight limit over 450 lbs. sell for north of a grand and up to $3,500 (a few even more). I am not saying that any of those more expensive yaks are not worth their price. Some are certainly far, far better than the Ascend.

For a kayak I will be using only a few times a month, and will have to drag around when I do use it, the Ascend 12 fit the bill for me. It weighs less than 75 pounds, is relatively stable, uses a removable aluminum folding chair seat, does have reasonable storage, and Bass Pro has it for $600.00. (watch for sales)

I also suggest you consider strap on wheels so you don't have to literally drag the yak around - or carry it - if you expect to fish by yourself (Academy has a strap on boat dolly for about $40 or $50). Take care that you get a paddle that is long enough. Too short and you will work too hard and will constantly drip on your pants (real lesson I learned).

If you want an ocean yak, you'll need advice from someone who knows about those - and it ain't me!

Good luck finding your best choice!


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Also keep in mind they type of seating it has. I have a 12' Jackson Cuda that has a high/low type of seat but still keeps your bottom off the inside of the yak. Nice not having a wet butt.

In the high position which I prefer it does change your center of gravity quite a bit even with me at 6' 1" and around 155 pounds. Only time I rolled it was fly fishing in Merrits Mill Pond, tried to drop a popper in and it hit a cypress branch and got hung up .

Paddled up and reached for it, popper was just at the limits of my reach, so raised up just a little and there I went. Luckily the water was only a few feet deep and I did not lose anything except my pride.


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Oh I forgot to add, 12' foot is as short as I would go. 12 foot tracks better and will give you better weight capacity. Not many fishing kayaks are going to be light, mine I think is around 68 pounds which is not a lot but when it is 12 foot long it can be a chore to load or unload or tote to the shore line by yourself due to the length.

I fish inshore salt, creeks, ponds and lakes with mine.

Also get the best paddle you can afford. I have a Aqua Bound Stingray carbon paddle. Light as a feather, two piece and gives you the option of changing the angle of the paddles when put together.
I'm 6'5, 240lb, my Bonafide SS107 is 10'7" and its a beast, Take it down rapids, any river you want. the only issues with this kayak is on bigger lakes where tracking is a huge benefit. the 10'7" boat will not track like the longer ones. But I still don't care, simply put I don't paddle far anyways even on big lakes.

Ironically enough, my first bass tournament on this boat, had I actually been a better bass fishermen, I probably would've beat out plenty of guys on their 12-14' Hobie Pro Anglers.
Going get my first fishing kayak I am 6 4 10 ft or 12 ft or other length reccomedation ?
Check out Vibe Kayaks out of Kennesaw. Great kayaks at a very affordable price. They are introducing a Hobie equivalent kayak this year called the Shearwater and as a result there are lots of Vibe Sea Ghost available on the secondary market.


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I'm waiting on a Vibe Shearwater 125 with their new drive system (which is a Hobie Clone). Already got the Bixpy Jet motor. Will mainly use it for offshore saltwater fishing or an annual Fontana trip, maybe striper on Lanier. Big water scenarios. Love the idea of having 3 modes of propulsion, and letting the Bixpy knock down the travel time to and from fishing locations.


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Weight is more important than height. I'm 6'2" 230 and fish comfortably from a 10ft Pelican Catch 100. I have a 12 footer, but only use it when I want to use a trolling motor.
I have one of those pelicans and a 12ft sit on top model, forgot the brand. I do the same as you-- paddle the 10ft, trolling the 12ft. I mainly use the pelican when not in my aluminum motorboat
My first yak was a Vibe Sea Ghost, great kayaks and can be found for great deals in used condition.

I currently have two Bonafide SS107's and I don't see myself switching from them anytime soon. I plan to even do a couple big water tournaments on that boat.