First Muslim judge in USA.


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I was half joking, half serious. There just seem to be very few Muslims of Western European descent.

Those Chechnyan Muslims that blew up the Boston Marathon were pretty white-looking to me.


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I don't know about a tattoo but a t-shirt with that on it would be interesting.
I'd want another tiger skin wearing girl on it other than the judge though.

ga nopro

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I thought one had to swear upon the Christian Bible while taking an oath...or did obamer have that changed that too!
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Apparently there is no requirement that an officeholder swear in on any particular religious text, or any text at all. She's not the first office -holder to swear in on the Quran; Minn. representative Keith Ellison did so in 2006. Obama may not be much but he's not the devil.


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It wouldn't do any good to get someone to swear on something they didn't believe in. It would be like swearing with fingers crossed.