First patched balls ever....

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So, here's my first patch...Tell y'all anything!?? Screenshot_20200327-152447.png

Alright. I shot my first PRB'S ever today...45 gr fff goex. First three shots, holding dead on...


Second three shots, holding at the bottom of the target dot...


I'm pretty happy. .

Range was 50 yds.
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The 100 yd HM was 80 grains..just did it to see if I'd score a hit.

I did.

Anything past 50 with my ol eyes and irons is guesswork/shooting from memory anyway...:rolleyes:
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I'm able to make my longer shots using 1.75-power, dime store reading glasses. They are weak enough to allow me to see the 100-yard target clearly, but strong enough to allow me to focus on and split the front blade in the top of the notch on the rear sight.

They work much, much better for shooting open sights than my $300 bifocals!