First Sit of Season


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Good luck Jason! This morning should be great and I have a meeting to go tofacepalm:
Good luck boys and chickas. I am off today, but at the office for a bit. Why wouldnt I be, right? :banginghe:deadhorse:

After I get done working on my off day I have a handful of things to get done on the "season's coming" list

Will check back in soon


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The rain just set in over here in Whitesburg. It finally started falling hard enough to make me call it quits.
No activity here.

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Ton of squirrel and turkey. Even seen the dang bear that has been knocking down feeders. But no deer this morning......
Sure beats what I did today!!!


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Refilled the corn feeders toget ready for the weekend.//so just decided to sit in a ground blind in the rain overlooking a persimmon tree
I haven't gotten in the woods this season, but my spypoints were blowing up yesterday before this front hit...I had more pics in 12 hours than I have in the last week.