First time hunting

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The kids and I went out to Paulding WMA early this morning. We had a great time walking around the woods by Goldmine lake.
Didn't see anything but birds. While walking, I recalled reading somewhere that squirrels don't like overcast days. Despite not shooting anything, the kids are looking forward to our next time, and I'm thinking of taking our dog. His father was a hunting terrier breed, and at home in Slovakia he has chased squirrels up trees and goes all through the brush in our fields looking for critters- maybe he'd flush out a rabbit if there any there.
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Doug B.

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I love hunting on overcast days! Squirrels move good then! Actually, I saw several squirrels today going to different jobs. Just walking through the woods you are not likely to see any game. There still needs to be a certain amount of stealth.


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Looks like time well spent , good job getting the kids outdoors , I deer hunted this morning and the squirrels started moving around 9:30 , seen several , good luck next time u get out !