First time on Lanier (not the last!!)

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All the bait stores in my area were out of bait. Sooooo I took some advice and went to hammond’s to get bait and tried Lanier out.

I was going to troll the creeks mouths with 2 down rods and 2 flat lines. Only got 1 bite on the down rod (a nice 20” spot).

I caught 16 spots on flat lines and 3 stripers. The biggest was 30” and the other 2 were 25”. I have never eaten striper so I decided to keep a couple for my birthday dinner tonight.

That will NOT be my last trip to Lanier!



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That's how Lanier lures you in. A solid day here and there, you start feeling like you've got something going, then BAM! she'll humble you. :bounce:

This is a great time of year to be out there and catch some fish! I'm jealous of you guys with free weekdays!


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Love me some lanier. Go now while you can. I’m sure the crazies are getting worse by the day. Won’t be long and you can’t fish past 10am.

Nice catch!!


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I’ve heard the weekends there are like the Daytona 500.
Like someone said in a previous post. Have your fishing done by 10am. As soon as it warms up there will be boats zig zaggin and going Mach 10 past boat ramps. It's like 3 ft ocean swells :). I do like fishing that lake though need to get back at it.

Cletus T.

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Congrats on the good day man…….Lanier is an awesome fishery with a wide variety of species of fish to target!

It can humble you too as it’s already been stated!
I know this ain't the cookin' forum, but if want to eat striper...

clean all the red meat off the skin side and soak it in 7-UP for a couple of hours before frying.

You'll thank me later.
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thanks everybody! twas a good day for sure.

notnksnemor, ill give that a shot some time. I broiled half and fried half. it was pretty good! I cut the blood line out of the filets before cooking.