First time squirrel hunting

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Good morning folks, I've never been squirrel hunting and will be trying it for the first time ever. I'll be going out with a PCP airgun to Joe Kurz wma and was looking to see if anyone could recommend a nice spot. Not looking to clean out the squirrel population, but 2 or 3 for the day would be good (Just trying to get my feet wet). I'm not scared to walk either. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks to everyone in advance.
There is an old proverb that says "if you sit by the river long enough, the bodies of your enemies will float by". That's pretty much my approach to squirrel hunting. You don't need a great spot, just sit in an area of suitable habitat and be patient. Sit long enough that your presence fades away and the forest comes alive. People always say "I only see squirrels when I'm deer hunting". Its because they have been silent and let their presence fade away. Find a good mix of hardwoods and pines where you can see a good ways. Find a comfortable tree to sit against and practice being invisible. No telling what you may see.
I also want to see a den tree or nests in the area I choose to sit and wait. Look for an old dead tree full of holes or clusters of the leafy nests in the trees.
I agree with the above. Dont know your wma but a creek bottoms a good place to start. Its hard to stalk up on em this time of the year so find a good spot n sit still for an hour. No squirrels show up, move to another spot n give it an hour. The key to this style of hunting is zero movement. Sit still and use your eyes to look for squirrels. Im no expert hunter myself and this works for me. If you want an extra challenge try to slip through the woods super sloooow n stalk em.
They'll be around den trees early and late. Find heavily vined and dead trees in bottoms and fingers that are protected from the wind; if morning sun hits there first that's better. Later ease through hardwoods, stopping to sit for at least half an hour when you find signs of feeding on acorns.
All good advise so far. If you get to where you can kill 3 or 4 with a air gun this time of year you will be doing well. You can learn a lot from squirrel hunting back in the day we had to master squirrel hunting first
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Thank you all for the advice! I'll try them all and post pics of anything that I'm able to harvest. FYI, I've hunted ducksand doves in Florida, for years, so I'm used to being quiet and waiting. It's just that I recently moved up to GA. Thank you all, once again for all the great advice.
Plenty of good hardwoods at Joe kurz. I was down there yesterday with the dogs and shot 5. Between the check in station and the bridge at white oak cr.
Look around the pines now, too. Water oaks and pine cones are about all the mast left this time of year. Look for fresh cuttings.