First wild Quail

Congrats! If one was raised on wild birds over pointing dogs or have the good fortune to be able to hunt them today, nothing like it. In no way a criticism of put and take birds or you guys that do it mind you, but I was one and done on that. One guy I was with actually beat one to death with his cap!


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Awesome report! Were y'all hunting public land? What gauge is that Browning? I have a Light Twelve from 1969 that I really like.
I am a fan of the Browning humpbacks too! I have a Jap made Light Twelve. Guy I bought it from sold it too cheap cause "it kicked like a mule". They do kick, but mine just seems to shoot where I'm looking. I sure would like to get my hands on a Belgium made Sweet 16. The wood on the OP's gun looks like a Belgium made to me.