Fish finder power supply in a kayak?


Looking at putting a fish finder on the yak. I see picks of other peoples rigs with all kinds of electronics mounted on their boats. How you power them? I know people are not hauling a 50lbs deep cycle battery. Do they make yak specific models that are not 12 volt?


Thanks for the link. I had hoped there was a way to do it that would not add seven more pounds.



I took industrial velco strip from lowe's , placed on bottom of battery & bottom of kayak works great


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I currently use a 12 lithium ion ryobi battery drill to power just my fish finder. I had the drill already so I use the batteries in the drill around the house then charge them for the river. The 2 small batteries will power the unit for around 16 to 18 hrs.


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I'm using the 7 pnd batt from Batterymart. I'd like something lighter but I can get 2+ full days off a full charge.


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In a rush I bought two 6 volt lantern batteries from walmart and connected them in series. They haven't run out yet but when they do I will be looking for something more permanent.
get you a 9 hr battery out of emergency lighting set up with the low amps have used it three days no trouble weighs less than 2 lbs


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I rigged kayaks for Gander Mountain for fishing and used a 12 volt rechargable game feeder battery. It works very well and is what I use on my Ocean Kayak prowler 13. I do not have to charge very often even though I use the kayak a lot.


I use a sealed lead acid battery I bought on the internet. It may weight a couple of lbs. About 2.5 inches wide 7 inches long and maybe 3.5- 4 inches high. Gander mountain has a "kit" for 49.99 with free shipping. It has 7a 12 volt battery like the one I have with abs plastic case and charger. They also have the batteries either sealed lead acid or gel for $24+ change. Everything at Gander ships free.
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