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We launched on Lanier today at about 0745 and the topwater bite was off the chain. StripeRR hooked up on his second cast not 5 minutes after we launched and I hooked up immediately thereafter. The fish were small but the action was brisk. Altogether we boated at least 8 fish and it was an almost even split between 1-2 lb Spots and Stripers and all of them fought with attitude.

The bite was steady right up until about 10:30 when it started to slow down but the fish were still feeding on top right up until we called it done around 11:30 this morning.

We did hook one big one on a down line at about 25' deep but he broke the line before I could get the rod out of the rod holder. Impatient sucker he was!

It's hard to have a bad time fishing with Mike. He has the magic touch and always marks lots of fish whether they bite or not. Today was an exceptional trip. The weather was a perfect Fall morning, hot temps notwithstanding and the fish were definitely turned on and we slayed them early. I don't think I've seen that much topwater action in a long time. We were like kids in a candy store.

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Looks like a fine, fun trip!
Nice catch and a fun day it looks like. But if you need me to get you a Real
roll tide Hat just let me


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All that red scared the big ones for sharing....good day on the water!!