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Foam Yellow Sally no hackle

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Hook: Std dry fly #12 to #16
Thread: yellow 6/0
Body: 2mm yellow foam trimmed about match stick wide
wing: yellow dyed deer body hair

Trim 1mm yellow foam to about the width of a match stick, tye in above the bend reverse so the "match stick is pointing off the back of the hook. Pull forward and stretching it slightly. Tye in slightly further back so the wing can be tied to thread wrap not foam. Tye in wing and trim head finish with SHAN
Its a great pattern for Brookies and wild rainbows at higher elevation, being hackless it keeps the hook in the water so the aggressive strikes don't knock the fly in the air. It also can be floated thru small riffles
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Good looking fly!!!!!!!!!!! I like it and will tie a few. Thanks for sharing!!!:clap:


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Pink Clouser

Hook: #1 Stainless or Plated
Thread: 6/0 Chartreuse
Eye: Yellow Barbell
Upper Body: Chartreuse Super Hair
Mid Body: Pink Craft Fur
Lower Body: White Super Hair
Flash: Pink Krystal Flash



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Really awesome flies. Makes me wanna buy a vise and tools and try it out.
Can't go wrong doing that. It has provided me with much joy and satisfaction. Catching a fish on a fly that you tied yourself is very special. At least to me it is.
bass flies

bluegill imitations

hook: 3/0 eagle claw
body:ep 3d olive fiber over ep 3d white fiber
eyes:8mm clear cure eyes
gill:yellow ep 3d fiber

hook:idk lost packaging
body:eek:live neer hair over white neer hair
eyes:stick on eyes
gill:yellow ep 3d fiber

i use sharpie for the black bars


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Those look great. Prolly ought to drag them thru some deep holes on the river for stripers.


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Man! Those are sweet! Thanks for sharing the recipe and pics!:clap:
bass flies

same pattern as the bluegill just more white and less olive and no yellow i made this shad pattern a little longer to imitate the gizzard shad in the lake i fish


Figured I'd add this craw:

Hook: J. Stockard 247 #04
Thread: UTC 140 - Fire Orange
Claws: Rabbit Strip - Crawfish Orange
Antennae: Peacock earl
Eyes: Medium Bead Chain
Body: SLF Dave Whitlock dubbing - Nymph Abdomen
Legs: Crazy Legs - Orange/Orange-Black Flake (didn't go as planned...)
Weight: Medium Black Nickel Dumbbell
Accent: Copper Flash

How are yall tying up the baitfish? I'm curious because I want to attempt a pinfish pattern.

Also, does anyone have a shrimp pattern?