Food plot plant ID


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I planted spring food plots about 6 weeks ago. This budding plant is growing extensively and I’m not sure if it’s something that will need to be terminated or if it’s part of my mix.
I know this plot has Whitetail Institute extreme, which is a blend of persist forb and WINA 100 chicory. I think I also used a little bit of some Alfa rack which has alfalfa and imperial clover.

What are the white buds? I don’t see any clover when I look.


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I’d bet it was in your mix . Whatever it is you got a good stand .
Do u have a close up picture ?
If it’s a weed it’s not a common one in my area I don’t think .


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I figured it was in the mix but this is the first time I’ve planted it so I wasn’t sure what the forb or chicory would look like at this stage. No I’ll try to do that next time I go out unless someone can identify it for sure.


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Found this on the internet…not sure if it’s accurate or not but may explain why this is showing up…

“Scientists have taken a gene from Rabbit Foot clover and put it into White clover. The genetically engineered White clover does not cause bloat like natural White clover.”


If you have an I phone it has a built in plant I’d. take a photo and save it , open it in photos and click the little circle thingy with the i in it at the bottom . Then click look up plant .IMG_6320.png
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