Food Plot Weed/Clover question


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Two part question

I have some plots that I planted last year and came up good, there is still some clover that I hope to keep and add too. My question is what can I spray now to kill the weeds but keep the clover alive before I plant in a month or so

Now that I have finally got my PH about where it needs to be, what are my best clover options to plant this fall to create a year around clover plot? I will plant it with nurse crops for the fall (wheat and oats)


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Clethodim for controlling/killing grasses in pure clover. 2,4DB for broad leaf's in pure clover stand....2,4DB would likely damage chicory however. I know folks that spray glyphosate (roundup) is a diluted mix to control weeds in pure clover stands. They tell me it can knock the clover back a bit, but right mix won't kill plot.
Then I would overseed too...


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^^^Spray Clethodim and 24DB spring and late summer. Frost seeding clover late winter has worked well for me to fill in patchy spots.

Triple C

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@TomC's advice is spot on. I'm a big fan of Regal Graze Ladino and Durana. Never used WTI clover but hear folks rave about it as well.

When fertilizing, use 0-19-19. Triple 19 will cause a grass explosion during the summer.


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Durana is the bulldog of clover. Hard to beat it. Slow to establish but is the least picky imo of any clover in regards to soils ph, nutrients, moisture etc.

A ladino will probably be a little more attractive but will be more picky about the ph but the biggest drawback imo is it needs soil with a little moisture which in the summer is hard to come by.

That Durana will go dormant and you’ll swear it’s dead but when the cool nights and rains show back up it will come back. They should have named it Lazarus clover.