Food supply/migrant workers

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Was watching the market report in RFDTV this morning. They spotlighted how in Canada the migrant workers will be required to quarantine for 2 weeks when arriving and the effect on the harvest and planting. Several of the farmers they interviewed were worried they were going to be able to get help. This goes far beyond what most folks realize.


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Yep! Same conversation I just had with the Wife. After her (3) unsuccessful trips to several grocery stores for Ground Beef & some basics...I told her that I’d go beg & borrow back some of the Deer meat I gave my parents last Winter..😃 She’s College Educated..but didn’t grow up hunting..and has always felt it was unnecessary. She’s starting to come around real quick 😜 Same with Gardening & putting up our own,as well as Dehydrating most of it..


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Wonder how this will affect the Vidalia onion harvest.