For those who build their own slingshots

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A recent purchase at my local Home Depot of what they call a "Pocket Hose" which is a small manageable hose which collapses in to a small coil. This hose got damaged and all attempts to repair failed. Once I had given up on the repair I discovered that the inner rubber hose (aprox 7/16 in.) was very stretchy. I proceed to cut a couple sections off and built what some would call a hunting sling shot. I was very much amazed on how good this hose worked for this project, much better than the medical type that comes on a commercial sling shot. Should any of you have the misfortune to end up with a damaged Pocket hose then it may be good fortune that it can be used for this project. I also had a couple of old damaged dry rotted bungee cords that I used the ends with this same material to fashion a couple of bungees for a back pack. Good luck with your projects.