For you hunters 55 and older

I am 72, and health issues have slowed me down a lot. I can no longer climb a tree. My Balance is about shot and I have a hard time navigating rough terrain. I could sit on the ground, but then getting back on my feet is an ordeal. I still try to go a few times each year after Deer or turkey, but I have to set in a chair. I have an extremely hard time trying to filed dress a deer and I am scared of falling and not being able to get back up. I still dove hunt, and able to quail hunt on decent terrain. I will continues as long as I am not a danger to myself or anyone else. I love hunting and have spent a lifetime doing it.
Just a spring chicken Myself, 66 years young, If I am alive I plan to be in the woods, hunting fishing, trapping, riding my, ATV, or old tractor, I feel SO sorry for the city slickers in this world that just don't know what they are missing, !!


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Will be 79 this week. Spent all day Tuesday mowing food plots...HOT!!, but it is still good to get out. I move slower but then I see more, including timber rattlers. It is good to get a rest to shoot off of but OK with no rest inside of 50 yards. I hunt alone some, but I have cell service & maybe 20 minutes from emergency help (County Fire/EMT) When it is my time to go, I cannot think of a better way that leaning back on a white oak in late November.
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Any of you young men near Milkman and me we need to hit Pot Luck for breakfast early one morning and have a biscuit and share some stories.
Great idea.

The place Miguel mentions is a popular breakfast restaurant in Monroe Ga. Walton county. That’s about 20 miles west of Athens and 30 miles east of Stone Mountain.

Maybe we could pick a Saturday morning before the 🦌 season gets here.
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I don't know nuttin bout no Pot Luck but I could make it to Miss Janes over in Warrenton just about any morning saving maybe rifle opener.
So Jim if us “metro” area old dudes meet at Potluck one morning you are gonna jine in by eating at Miss Janes the same morning?? ::ke:


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Not in the 55 and older group yet...........but happy to see there are those that are and willing to keep on keeping on.

4 wheelers and golf carts can be a helpful tools..............use them!