Found any shed horns yet

Jim Boyd

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Have some on cam today and yesterday that are still holding their antlers.

They will def come off soon.


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Our typically hold until March in SWGA. Deer were still working scrapes as of last week.


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Have some on camera that have shed both sides, some only one, and others still holding in West Central GA.


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heck........we still have 3 weeks of hunting season in the panhandle of Florida

sea trout

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Wilkes county trail cams still have em holdin on. On wasy home to day a medium size buck ran across rd in Madison co and he still had both
Speaking of sheds. I found these lying on the TV.
200 inch main frame and then the extra points scored evenly.
Gordan said he was extremely symmetrical and almost everything counted.
This was the largest set the deer grew. The year before set was found as well plus one side from the year before that. The deer has disappeared since never to be seen after he shed. Sounds exactly like MYBUCK. Well almost.
Just a big tail I thought I’d tell. Just seen it an hour ago on TV 40BCFDE5-66F7-4001-87D1-7FF6444CA37F.jpeg
Saw a buck chasing a doe when I was driving thought the Chickamauga Battlefield earlier this week. He was hit after her.