Found the honey hole for sheds

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I've spent several hours and many miles in the woods this shed season. I found 3 of these Saturday and 2 more today. I also found a dead-head, all within about 200 yards of each other. They were all on the side of a long slope that overlooks a huge clover field. I found two of them in trees. Never seen that before. Part of that slope is an old cemetery that's covered up in cedar trees. They can see most of the field from this slope. This is a smart bedding spot for deer because the only way for a person to get back in the woods is an old road that runs right in the middle of this slope. So, they know when you're going back there.
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A buddy found this matching set a few years ago in the cemetery I mentioned while he was turkey hunting. This is obviously a good bedding spot. He didn't care anything about keeping them and knew I was watching this guy so he kindly gave them to me. I put the matching set on one of those plastic skulls. I think it turned out pretty good. A good little tribute to the animal.
Apparently most of your deer only have a right side antler.
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I almost missed the one in the cedar because I was looking at the ground. I found the other in a small cluster of yearling Sweetgums.


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The last one I found was close to a rubbed tree. Made me wonder if maybe their head itches like a scab when they are ready to come off?
I bet it does! Surely they have to feel it...very cool and yeah I’d call it a hot spot! Congrats on finding all them sheds.....maybe you can put your hands on one of them boys next year