Freshening up scrapes?

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I found a spot a couple of days ago that had 9 scrapes in a sixty yard circle. I moved a stand there and freshened up some of the scrapes with Hawgs Unlimited synthetic stuff. Over the next day or so a couple of the scrapes got reworked and I watched some does check them out as well as a little 6pt. This morning I had two big does and two yearlings come in at 7:20. The yearlings fed around on the nuts that are falling like rain but the mature does just stood around looking funny. They both had their tails straight out behind them like they were ready for some action. I passed on several easy shots at about 5 paces thinking that any second the big buck that I had seen earlier in the year would appear. Well they fed off out of sight and the big does still acted funny the whole time I could see them. I got down at 10:00am and figured I would check out the scrapes I had freshened up to see if they had been worked again. I found 6 brand new scrapes that weren't there yesterday and the biggest of the old scrapes had been peed in sometime last night! It looked like you had poured a half gallon of water in it. I don't know if I will get a crack at him or not but something (I am guessing the Hawgs stuff) has made him real upset about an intruder being in his house. This stuff has got my attention to say the least. Anybody else ever used it?


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DP,why don't you get you a Code Blue tarsel gland.This might just push him over the edge. Or make you a mock scrape and put some buck lure in it,and for the licking branch break it off higher than what he is doing. Let him know there is another big boy in the area. As for the tarsel gland,I have never smelled another worse. It can be smelled for a ways.
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I don't know if another mock scrape in the middle of 14 other scrapes will do the trick. This evening I had 4 mature does and 3 yearlings all over me for 40 minutes. I also had 2 Scent Bombs filled with the sweet smelling stuff. I though for sure he wouldn't be able to stay away from all those does and the sweet aroma. I was wrong, never saw a buck. I got my hands on some more of the Hawgs stuff and will put his manhood to the test in the AM.