Fri night supper


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A clean out the frig effort tonight resulted in soft chicken tacos. Seared the chicken and then finished in the oven in chicken stock, lemon, lime, cloves, oregano, cumin and such. Made some homemade guacamole and some smothered down peppers and onions. The wife got some kohlrabi at Windy Hill Farm this week so made up some slaw with that along with carrot, onion, purple cabbage and cilantro.


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Y'all had some fine grub. :cheers:

I had home made tater soup. It was just right.


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The half pan of lasagna just came out of the over. Son prepped it a couple days ago along with a full pan the first night



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Tell us more about that pork?

Large cubes of butt tossed in splash of Mojo, whole slivered onion, garlic, house seasoning, cumin, oregano, bay leaves, and olive oil. Baked covered in a heavy dutch oven at 400* for like three hours, stirring every hour or so. Last 30 min with the lid off. Plenty of fat renders off and it kind of crispifies in it's own lard. Drain fat and dig in. I saved the lard for other stuff.

Bonus, I roasted the cauliflower at the same time.
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