Frog gigging = FUN!

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I try to teach them all that I can about the outdoors, too many kids are missing out on it these days.

You can go to my YouTube channel “Bama Creek Bum” and see more videos.

Bama Creek Bum


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Back in the younger days, we would snipe them with a 22 or pellet gun and a spot light.

We skint everything we killed to eat.


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Good show and the kids are right in there having fun, awesome. I have not been Frog gigging in many decades Bullfrogs make for some good eating. Thanks for the video.


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That brings back some good memories. Most of the places I used to frog gig, you would get arrested for going there now. Good on you for getting those kids out there. My son was a frog leg fiend from an early age, and still is.
I had the chance to do that with the alligators a few years ago. Hands-down some of the most fun I have ever had in the outdoors, and I'll do it again as soon as I have the chance.

EDIT FOR CLARITY: Frog gigging. No alligators were harmed during this event... Though the little one we fished out of the water was a little upset until we put him back.
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