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(Disclaimer: I’m not a knife maker more of a blacksmith). Since the coronavirus hit I have been watching Gunsmoke reruns, The Sacketts, How the West was Won, the Revenant, etc. I have been wanting to make a Tell Sackett knife only a smaller version. Made this knife out of cable Damascus with brass guard and Walnut handle. Had a real nice Stag crown, like Sackett’s knife but was scared I’d mess it up.:biggrin3:. Think it came out pretty. Also made another pipe tomahawk.

FD780C87-276D-40A0-B322-85A312F18D7F.jpeg B218FBF3-DC28-4571-BF05-1D1CB78E2AF7.jpeg 41B4C577-5175-4ADF-B2EB-596241F02F21.jpeg
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