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Looking for someone that can translate the Ft Stewart hunting rules... Don't need anyones spots or location, i know where to hunt. Used to hunt down there a while back but, now they have changed a lot of stuff and cant find a phone # to hunt control. Is there still a bow test? Can you take a gun with you to register it? Thanks in advance for any info!!
No bow test anymore, They do not recommend taking weapon to register it. All checkins are now done thru " I sportsman". Most activities are done this way but you can go to Holbrook pond for more info.912-435-8213 8205 or
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Hey Dutchie! I have read the online stuff about weapons reg. Do you have to go back and show them the gun after you do it? Or, do you get all done online? Thanks!!
go to ftstewart.isportsman.net - sign up and read the SOP's in the regulations sections. You can fill out online and go pick up at HAAF or FS. Takes about a week or so. You can also go in person to - "Registration Office, Building 283 on Fort Stewart and Building 1286 on HAAF and have the firearm(s) registration completed at that time." Can get the same day if they are not busy

"Do NOT bring the weapon(s) to the Registration Office. Civilians who have registered their firearms at another Army base do not need to register the same firearms again on FS/HAAF. Firearms registered at non-Army DOD facilities need to be registered at FS/HAAF or some other Army base."