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this year the full moon in november starts on the 16th. I have never had much luck on full moon cycles,and this is the week I was planning on taking vacation,because of the rut. ya'll think I should go ahead and take this week or push my vacation back a week or two. I hunt in taylor co.southern zone.
If the rut usually hits that week, it will go on full moon or not! I would still take the week and stay on stand as much as possible.


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Who knows?

I'm reading a book about the new moon, full moon, etc. But I'm not far enough into it to pass on any good info.
I can say this, it may change my way of thinking quite a bit.

It is hard to say. If you go by last year, the weather could really throw a kink in things. But I agree with Jeff. The chances are pretty good if your on the stand and not too good if your not. If they are deep in rut, I don't think the moon means too much, day or night.

Tough decision. Good luck.

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Jeff Phillips said:
If the rut usually hits that week, it will go on full moon or not! I would still take the week and stay on stand as much as possible.
what Jeff Said...........and hunt ALL DAY. :banana: :D :D


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Generally during a full moon I try to hunt the middle of the day. Now that means i'll get in the stand before daybreak and stay til 1:00pm at least. then take a short afternoon break and hunt a different stand til dark.



I usually don't like it when the moon is full..........

But, if the "RUT" is usually at that time of year.............I'd do what Jeff said....

Hunt, Hunt, and Hunt some more.......
Jeff Murray's book, entitled Moon Struck,the book has data and theories about moon overhead-moon underfoot, movement patterns and times.

Whats in the book shadows my records on sightings, but as always less than perfect weather can shutdown movement, even if the rut should be on.

IMO everyone should read he book, if you hunt in a area that has light hunting pressure, during times of normal or below temps it is scary how predictable the deer can be.

I have gone back through 3 years of gamecam pics and recorded sightings, then cross referenced them to moon times and it works.


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Iv never been one to watch the moon phases very much, as I cannot control it and I think hunters misunderstand and are illeducated on it's effects.
The book BullOne states is a good one for hunters to read' helps ya understand the moon's impact on hunting deer.
One way to get around the rut and moon is to turn the dogs loose - go doggin - it dont matter what the moon pahse is, or if it is pre or post rut - the deer move when the dogs are turned loose. :D :p ;)

I prefer to watch the rising and/or setting of the moon vs what phase it is in.
Catch a rising moon, with a high baremeter with cold temps and you have the makins for a super terrific day in the field!!
With a rising moon, deer will be up on their feet earlier in the afternoon headed to food areas.

What I would do is see when a rising moon occurs closest to the max rut in your area and plan my hunt/vacation around that.
Moon rise/set tabels

And ya gotta remember, deer are out in the woods 24/7/365. They have to eat, sleep, breed and do other deer things. You will kill a deer sooner or later if you go to where they live and spend time - cant kill one sitting at home in the lazyboy watchin Andy Griffin re-runs - BUT - you have to educate yourself on the MAX/PEAK timeS to be in the field if your limited on time.
The peak rut does usually occur around the same time of year, year after year, but, several things can keep it toned down: warm temps, hot temps, humid hot weather, all sorts of weather related issues can dampen the rut.
Also given the fact that alot of areas have a screwd up sex and age ratio the rut can last 90+ days - so learn maximize your timeS in the woods.
Let the barometer rise, temps fall and the moon rise around 3 in the afternoon, even if it is a full moon, and if you are even close to the peak rut, there will be a flurry of activity for 2-3 days - I promise ya!!

Good Luck!!
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