George Herron,S.C. knife maker


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I met a friend for lunch today & he told me that George had died yesterday. George was a legendary knife maker, sorta' like Neil Cost was in call making. One of his $1500. folding knives brought $3750.00 at a S.C. Wildlife Federation banquet a few months ago. He will be missed.



Mr. Bob,

I sure hate to hear that. He was a Master Knifesmith. My favorite SC Custom knifemaker Wayne Hendrix is a Herron apostle. George's knives raised the Custom Knife bar very high.

Godspeed Mr. Herron.


Here is an example of the Master's work. Hard to come by before, now an almost impossible knife to attain.

This knife sold for $795.00.

My collection is sadly lacking a Herron knife.


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I am proud to have met George Herron. I own one of his knives and had a few made for friends years ago. He was a genius and a pioneer who was so generous with his hard-earned knowledge that his influence will be seen in knives for generations to come. There are many of his disciples in many states who proudly claim membership in the Carolina School of Knifemaking. Godspeed, George. we are blessed to have known you! Al Stocks


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Bud this is a shock .
Any one who know's Knives
has heard of George Herron Knives .

Im saddened to hear this .
Had he been sick ?

Prayers to the Herron Family


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