Georgia Demonrat Dream Team for Senate Run

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AJC ... it used to cover Dixie like the dew, but now it barely covers mullet at the market posted this:

"There exists a Democratic dream ticket that could clear the field in both Senate races: Sally Yates, the former deputy U.S. attorney general quickly fired by President Trump after warning the White House that a top aide had been compromised; and Democrat Stacey Abrams, the former candidate for governor."

Yea right, a woman who was canned for not doing her job while temporarily appointed and a tax dodging corn dogging cheating black woman. Not a dream team, instead, I call that Nightmare on Peachtree St.

Of course, they said this too: "In other words, more than two weeks after Isakson announced his pending resignation, no Democrat has committed to the contest that will replace him." They ain't so sure we are blue enough yet.


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I hope Kemp appoints someone really respected with some clout. I haven’t really sat back and gandered at who though. This should be a person that wii be re-elected the term is up. I think Perdue will win re-election. And the AJC is a joke of a newspaper. Leftist rag
And James Comey was a director of the FBI.

Throw a dart. We'd have better luck than appointing anyone that is already in office.