Georgia WMA Maps

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For those planning to hunt Georgia WMAs, you may have overlooked the new maps available on the Georgia DNR web site - There are the actual DNR WMA maps (line), topographic & aerial (CIR) maps. The aerials were made in 1999 but they were taken during the winter when the leaves are off the trees. The aerials on Google Earth, Live & others may have higher resolution & are more current but most were taken when the leaves are still on the trees. Use the available DNR maps in conjunction with other map resources. This is a huge step forward for Georgia. :banana:
I am looking at a map for WARWOMAN, and see a pile of green boxes that are labled "Wildlife Opening". Can someone enlighten me as to what this might mean? Thanks!
Great info on here!! Thanks for sharing!
Need some help guys... the maps used to show the WMA borders but now the entire WMA is covered and you cant see the satellite view in the WMA with the kmz file... see attached... any way to adjust this?! Screenshot_20191022-214558_Earth.jpg